Exciting news for those interested in the rapidly evolving world of Artificial Intelligence (AI)! Microsoft, in collaboration with LinkedIn, has just introduced a fully comprehensive professional certification in Generative AI, and the best part is – it’s absolutely free (you can find the link at the bottom of the post)!

This enriching program is thoughtfully designed into five distinctive courses, each one catering to a different aspect of the Generative AI discipline:

1. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

This course lays the foundation, introducing you to the basics of AI, its application, and the impact it has in today’s digital world.

2. What Is Generative AI?

The second course takes a deep dive into the concept of Generative AI, exploring its unique qualities and uses across various industries.

3. Generative AI: The Evolution of Thoughtful Online Search

This segment delves into the game-changing role of Generative AI in enhancing online search experiences. It expounds on how this transformative technology has breathed new life into digital search methodologies.

4. Streamlining Your Work with Microsoft Bing Chat

This course examines how Microsoft Bing Chat employs Generative AI to optimize productivity and efficiency in professional workflows, presenting a multitude of practical applications.

5. Ethics in the Age of Generative AI

The final course confronts the critical issue of ethics in the AI domain. It elucidates the ethical considerations and potential dilemmas that arise with the proliferation of Generative AI technologies, thus emphasizing responsible use.

The entire program, with an approximate duration of 4 hours, promises to helpful for those keen to understand the remarkable technology that is Generative AI.

The best part of it? It’s completely FREE.

Link: Career Essentials in Generative AI by Microsoft and LinkedIn

The internet is full of a lot of great stuff that you can learn from – and a lot of it is free! From videos to articles, to online classes taught by experts, the web is like a giant school where you can study almost anything you can think of.

Some top companies like Microsoft, Google, and LinkedIn even give away free learning materials and certificates to help you get better at different skills. And there are also many online communities where people share projects, ideas, and help each other learn.

But with so much out there, finding and making the best use of this free stuff can be a bit tricky. Here’s some free content that you may like to take a look at:

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  • Free Professional Certification in Generative AI
    Exciting news for those interested in the rapidly evolving world of Artificial Intelligence (AI)! Microsoft, in collaboration with LinkedIn, has just introduced a fully comprehensive professional certification in Generative AI, and the best part is – it’s absolutely free!
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