Python is undeniably one of the most prominent programming languages today, celebrated for its versatility, readability, and beginner-friendliness. From web development to artificial intelligence, Python’s wide applications make it a top pick for newbies and veterans alike. If you’re eager to plunge into the world of Python or simply wish to broaden your horizons, this post lists some of the best free resources across different learning modalities.

Blogs and Websites

  • Real Python Tutorials
    From Python basics, Django, Flask, to web scraping, Real Python offers articles for learners at all levels.
    πŸ”— Real Python Tutorials
  • The Python Tutorial
    While it’s not a direct lesson from Python’s creator, Guido Van Rossum, the official documentation is a comprehensive resource.
    πŸ”— Python Docs
  • Guru99 Python Tutorial
    Covering everything from setup to advanced libraries, it’s organized into easily navigable sections.
    πŸ”— Guru99 Tutorials
  • Invent with Python
    Al Sweigart, the author of the popular “Automate the Boring Stuff with Python,” offers numerous free eBooks. For engaging exercises, check out his book on Python programming exercises with thorough explanations.
    πŸ”— Invent with Python
  • Learn Python Programming
    Step-by-step tutorials, primarily tailored for beginners.
    πŸ”— Programiz


  • Programming For Everybody by University of Michigan
    Created by Charles Severance, this course is accessible and designed specifically for beginners.
    πŸ”— Programming for Everybody
  • Harvard’s Introduction to Python Programming
    Jumpstart your coding journey with David J. Malan’s introductory course.
    πŸ”— Harvard CS50
  • Freecode Camp’s Python Course
    With a massive collection of tutorials, articles, and videos, Freecode Camp is a must-visit for any aspiring developer.
    πŸ”— Learn Python β€” Full Course for Beginners
  • Google’s Python Class
    Ideal for those transitioning from other OOP languages to Python, it offers comprehensive resources including articles, videos, and tasks.
    πŸ”— Google Python Class

Video Collections

  • Python Tutorials
    An in-depth look at the Python programming language: learn about Python development, tips and tricks, walkthroughs, and best practices.
    πŸ”— Python Tutorials
  • PyVideo
    A curator of Python-related videos from various platforms, ensuring you never miss out on quality content.
    πŸ”— PyVideo
  • Introduction to Computer Science and Programming in Python
    A deep dive into computational thinking and foundational algorithms, key for budding developers.
    πŸ”— YouTube Playlist
    Over 652 short video tutorials categorized into 87 topics, ensuring structured learning.

Interactive Practice Platforms

    A community-driven platform to hone your coding skills through real-world exercises.
    πŸ”— Exercism Python Track
  • Python Challenge
    Engage in intriguing Python puzzles and challenges. Though dated, the active community ensures it remains relevant.
    πŸ”— Python Challenge
  • Snakify
    If you learn best through methodical steps complemented by exercises, Snakify is your go-to platform.
    πŸ”— Snakify

GitHub Repositories

  • Awesome-python
    A curated list of top-tier Python libraries, frameworks, and resources.
    πŸ”— Awesome-python on GitHub
  • Algorithms in Python
    With over 500 algorithms, this repository is a goldmine for coding enthusiasts.
    πŸ”— TheAlgorithms on GitHub
  • Easy-python
    A vast repository of libraries and source codes in a doc format for easy referencing.
    πŸ”— Easy-python on Read the Docs


  • Python Bytes
    Stay updated with weekly Python news sourced from various online communities.
    πŸ”— Python Bytes
  • Podcast.init
    Deep dive into Python experiences, interviews, and stories that bring immense value to listeners.
    πŸ”— Podcast.init
  • Talk Python to Me
    Engage in hour-long discussions with Python experts and enthusiasts.
    πŸ”— Talk Python to Me

Tools & IDEs

  • Google Colab
    An interactive cloud-based platform that lets you write and execute Python in your browser, offering free GPU support.
    πŸ”— Google Colab
  • Jupyter Notebook
    Create documents that combine live code, equations, visualizations, and narrative text in an open-source environment.
    πŸ”— Jupyter Notebook
  • PyCharm
    A dedicated IDE by JetBrains for Python development, offering a free community edition with essential features.
    πŸ”— PyCharm
  • Visual Studio Code
    Microsoft’s free, open-source, and versatile code editor with robust Python support and an extensive marketplace of extensions.
    πŸ”— Visual Studio Code
  • Thonny
    Ideal for beginners, this IDE focuses on teaching programming in Python and offers a simple interface.
    πŸ”— Thonny
    A versatile cloud-based IDE supporting multiple languages, including Python. It’s perfect for instant coding sessions and collaborations.
  • IDLE
    Python’s very own integrated development and learning environment that comes bundled with most Python installations.
    πŸ”— IDLE
  • Atom
    A free and highly customizable text editor with Python support made available through packages and plugins.
    πŸ”— Atom
  • PythonAnywhere
    Develop and deploy Python applications directly from your browser using this cloud-based environment.
    πŸ”— PythonAnywhere
  • Trinket
    A platform that lets you run and write code in any browser, great for demonstrations or sharing code snippets.
    πŸ”— Trinket
  • Spyder
    Primarily targeted at scientists, engineers, and data analysts, this open-source IDE is often bundled with Anaconda distributions.
    πŸ”— Spyder

There you have it – a consolidated list of resources tailored for beginners. As you embark on your Python journey, remember that the key lies in consistent practice and relentless curiosity. Happy coding!

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