Emerging Technologies

It may seem that scientific progress is constant (linear), but in the last half century we have experienced a period of immense (exponential) technological improvement. There are innovations happening right now that seem to be pulled straight from the pages of a science fiction book. Whether it is robots that can read minds, AI that can create images on its own, holograms, bionic eyes or other mind-blowing technologies, there is much to look forward to in the world of emerging technology.

In this section I keep you up to date on some of the most interesting stories from the world of emerging technologies.

The Shifting Dynamics of Global Innovation

In today’s fast-changing world, new ideas help us move forward and grow our economies. The number of new inventions (or patents) can show how creative a country is. Lately, these numbers are showing that the world of new patents is changing.

The A to Z of Artificial Intelligence

Many times, people think of Artificial Intelligence (AI) as just Machine Learning (ML), similar to seeing the ocean and only acknowledging one wave. Yet, AI is a vast ocean with countless waves, currents, and depths, each representing unique sub fields and techniques.

5G to Wirelessly Power IoT Devices

Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology discuss an innovative way to harness 5G networks, turning them into ‘a wireless power grid’ to power IoT devices.

The Universal Charger Era: One Cable to Connect Them All

Picture this — no more cluttered drawers full of jumbled cables or frantic searches for that one charger that fits your specific device. By 2024, that vision will become a reality for the European Union (EU) as a universal charger is set to become mandatory for all portable electronic devices.

Dexterity in Robotics

With each product iteration, humanoid robots improve in mobility, dexterity, and agility. One of the challenges will be to equip robots with hands with human-like tactile abilities and dexterity.

The GPU Gold Rush

NVIDIA’s Stock Skyrockets as GPUs Take Center Stage in the Language Model Revolution.

Discussions on the Nature of Consciouness

This post curates a selection of intriguing video discussions that delve into the nature of consciousness, providing various perspectives from leading minds in the field.