A group of researchers in the U.S. has developed what they say is the world’s first battery-free cell phone.

Although it is technically possible to use 5G technology to charge a battery wirelessly, it is currently not a commonly used method.

5G technology is mainly used for wirelessly transmitting data, rather than transferring electricity. To charge a battery wirelessly, it is necessary to use a different technology, such as electromagnetic induction, which is commonly used in wireless charging pads for smartphones and other devices. It should be noted that 5G technology is still relatively new, and it is possible that new applications and uses will be developed in the future.

Researchers at the University of Washington have created a cell phone that uses so little energy that it never needs to charge and has no battery. Instead, it gets power from ambient light and radio waves.

The phone collects radio wave energy from a wireless station (such as Wi-Fi) and converts the light through miniaturized photodiodes. It uses very low power (microwatts) to transmit to the base station. As a result, the phone has no battery and never needs to be recharged.

Researchers have demonstrated that they can make voice calls and even Skype calls using this battery-free phone. The prototype is made entirely from commercial components.

Batteries present many challenges from production to disposal. Imagine a world with cell phones without batteries.

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