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Welcome to my blog dedicated to exploring the exciting world of emerging technologies! My objective is to provide you with insights into the potential impact that these cutting-edge technologies will have on our society and economy, and to motivate you to explore the topic further. To aid you in your quest, I will suggest a range of useful resources such as informative articles, websites, and other materials that will help you deepen your understanding of the subject.

Join me on this expedition through the endless possibilities of the technologies of the future! Thank you for your support. Michele


Emerging Technologies

  • Innovations in 3D Printing: from Bioprinting to Mass Customization
    3D printing is changing the way we create and produce products. Bioprinting and large-scale structures are just a few of the top trends shaping the future of manufacturing.
  • Humanoid Robots: Overcoming Technical and Social Challenges
    Humanoid robots are becoming increasingly popular, with potential to disrupt a wide variety of industries. While the progress made so far is impressive, there are still many technical and social challenges to overcome.
  • 4G vs. 5G: A Comprehensive Comparison
    Understanding the differences between 4G and 5G can be confusing, but this post breaks it down for you. Learn about the key differences in speed, coverage, latency, capacity, and potential applications of these two generations of mobile network technology.
  • Edge Computing 101: Questions and Answers
    As the demand for real-time data processing continues to surge with the rise of connected devices, edge computing is expected to experience an increasing demand; for those unfamiliar with the technology, the question remains: what is edge computing and how does it work?
  • Tactile Internet: bringing reality into the digital world
    The Tactile Internet has the potential to dramatically change the way humans live, work and play. Imagine being able to feel the texture of an object while shopping online, or experiencing realistic haptic feedback while playing a virtual reality game.
  • Submarine Internet Cables: the invisible force behind the modern Internet
    There is a great battle ongoing between tech companies and it’s taking place at the bottom of the sea. Over 1 million km of cables are connecting various continents to support the insatiable demand for the internet.

3D Printing

  • Comparing 3D printing and injection molding
    Are you trying to decide between 3D printing and injection molding for your manufacturing needs? This post sheds light on the cost differences between these two technologies. Learn whether 3D printing or injection molding is more cost-effective for your project and find out how to make the best decision for your business.
  • The durability of 3D printed objects
    The durability of 3D printed objects depends on a number of factors, including the material used, the printing process, and the design of the object.
  • The lifespan and maintenance of a 3D printer
    The lifespan of a 3D printer and the amount of maintenance it requires can vary widely depending on the specific model and its usage. In general, 3D printers that are well-maintained and used within their recommended operating conditions can last for many years.
  • 3D printing speed: ranges and technical details
    The speed at which a 3D printer can print depends on a number of factors, including the type of printer being used, the material being printed with, and the size and complexity of the object being printed.
  • Creating 3D printed objects with smooth or textured surfaces
    3D printing can be used to create objects with smooth or textured surfaces, depending on the specific printing technology and material being used.
  • Complete Guide to 3D Printing
    Discover everything you need to know about 3D printing in this comprehensive guide. Learn about the operating principles, materials used, how to prepare the model for printing, the printing process, and possible applications.


Life hacking

Free Resources

  • A/B Testing
    A/B testing is a powerful tool for product managers to evaluate the impact of new features on user behavior. By splitting traffic into a control group and one or more variants, it allows you to measure the impact of changes on behavioral metrics such as engagement, conversion rates, and retention.
  • MECE principle
    The MECE principle is useful in situations where it is necessary to divide a set of elements into distinct and exhaustive categories. It is particularly useful in problem solving, data analysis, planning and organisation.
  • List of Encryption Tools and Services
    I’ve compiled a list of (mostly free) encryption tools and services that can help you protect your sensitive information. From disk encryption to email encryption, instant messaging encryption, and more, I’ve researched the different types and categories of encryption tools available to make it easy for you to find the right one for your needs.
  • Algorithmic trading using Python: free resources to get you started
    Explore a collection of free resources to learn how to use Python for algorithmic trading. Gain a deeper understanding of the concepts and strategies behind algorithmic trading and how to implement them using Python.

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