Self-driving boats

Self-driving boats, also known as autonomous boats or drone ships, are boats that are equipped with sensors and technology that allow them to navigate and operate without the need for a human operator. These boats use artificial intelligence, GPS, and other technologies to follow a predetermined route or to respond to changing conditions in their environment. Self-driving boats have the potential to revolutionize transportation on waterways and can be used for a variety of purposes, such as transporting goods and people, conducting research, and performing tasks such as mapping and surveying. They may also be used in the future for leisure activities such as sightseeing.


Tenedos #002: cleaning up rivers using oysters, the biggest rocket ever, 6G challenges, how 3D printing helps blind researchers

This week we talk about (1) how scientists are cleaning up rivers using grasses and oysters, (2) Starship, the biggest rocket ever, (3) 6G, the next-generation wireless that calls for out-of-the-box solutions and broad collaboration, (4) driving a robot boat on the other side of the world, (5) how 3D printing could help blind researchers ‘see’ data.

Michele Remonato