Global Warming

Global warming is mainly (but not only) due to human activities, especially for the emission of harmful gases into the atmosphere.

The main causes of global warming include (1) the us of  fossil fuels, (2) intensive agricultural activities and (3) deforestation.

  • The use of fossil fuels: the use of greenhouse gases in industrial processes, and thus the resulting increase in the greenhouse effect, contributes to the emission of high amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, which is considered one of the main gases causing global warming.
  • Intensive agricultural activities: intensive farming aims to obtain large quantities of products in a short time and at low cost. The use of a considerable amount of natural resources and energies beyond the capacity of the soil to absorb and dispose of them, together with the excessive use of harmful products such as fertilisers, can compromise the biodiversity of an area.
  • Deforestation: by cutting down trees, the soil is deprived of its ability to mitigate the climate, to absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and to promote rainfall. This negatively affects weather and climate conditions, with harmful consequences for animal and human life.