Driverless Taxi

In a world where technology continues to develop at an incredible pace, one of the most exciting areas is self-driving vehicles. In the table below you will find a (non-exhaustive) list of the main companies that are working on self-driving taxis.

Company Main Headquarters Details
Waymo (Alphabet Inc.) Mountain View, CA Waymo is a Google project and currently one of the leaders in the field of autonomous driving.
Cruise (GM) San Francisco, CA Cruise, owned by GM, works on autonomous vehicles for use in ride-sharing services.
Uber ATG Pittsburgh, PA Uber Advanced Technologies Group was working on autonomous vehicles, but Uber sold this division to Aurora.
Tesla Inc. Palo Alto, CA Tesla is consistently working on upgrading its Autopilot software.
Zoox (Amazon) Foster City, CA Zoox is an Amazon company focusing on fully autonomous robotaxis.
Baidu Beijing, China Baidu is developing an autonomous car and has initiated on-road testing.
AutoX Hong Kong, China AutoX is a startup working on autonomous car technology.
Didi Chuxing Beijing, China Didi is a ride-sharing service that’s developing autonomous car technology.
Yandex Moscow, Russia Yandex has a division focusing on the development of autonomous cars.
Aptiv Dublin, Ireland Aptiv is developing an autonomous driving platform and has partnered with Lyft for on-road testing.

It’s important to note that many of these companies are still developing their technology and may not yet have a commercial autonomous taxi service available.

Driverless Taxi in the City of Shenzen

People often talk about self-driving cars and think of big names from America like Tesla and Waymo. But, there are also Chinese companies working on this, like AutoX. There’s a video below that shows how a driverless taxi called RoboTaxi works. It’s driving on city streets in Shenzen, making left turns and passing other cars […]