Autonomous Driving

Autonomous driving is a technology that is rapidly becoming more widespread and popular. It involves vehicles that can drive themselves, without the need for a human driver.

This technology promises to have a significant impact on our daily lives, both in terms of road safety and in terms of comfort and convenience. However, despite its potential benefits, autonomous driving is still the subject of controversy and concern. In this investigative guide, we will examine in detail what autonomous driving is, how it works and what its advantages and challenges are. In addition, we will explore the opinions and concerns of different stakeholders, from vehicle manufacturers to government authorities, and assess the future of autonomous driving in modern society.

Driverless Taxi in the City of Shenzen

People often talk about self-driving cars and think of big names from America like Tesla and Waymo. But, there are also Chinese companies working on this, like AutoX. There’s a video below that shows how a driverless taxi called RoboTaxi works. It’s driving on city streets in Shenzen, making left turns and passing other cars […]