Nowadays, you don’t need a bulky scanner to digitize your documents. With your smartphone or tablet, you can easily capture, crop, enhance, and send images of your important documents. Document scanning apps can turn your device into a portable scanner, offering efficient and convenient solutions for managing paper documents.

In this list, I have gathered the best document scanning apps available for Android, iOS, and Windows.

Explore this comprehensive list of document scanning apps [qui](Link to full list). No matter what your scanning needs are, there is an app that can make life a little easier and documents a little more manageable.

Among them, you will find Adobe Scan, Microsoft Office Lens, Scanbot, CamScanner, and Genius Scan. These apps offer a variety of features, such as the ability to capture, crop, enhance images, scan QRs and barcodes, and more. Google PhotoScan is an excellent choice for digitizing and saving your printed photos. Evernote Scannable is an iOS-only option that allows you to scan a variety of documents, including contracts and receipts. TinyScanner and Fast Scanner are both versatile scanners, while TurboScan offers high-quality scanning for a price.

Apps for Scanning Documents

Most document scanning apps are available for mobile phones and are free apps.

In an increasingly digitized world, the need to convert physical documents to digital format is increasingly important. Whether you are a professional who manages a mountain of documents or an individual who wants to preserve family memories, document scanning is a task we all face. Fortunately, there are many document scanning apps that can help you make this process simple and stress-free. These apps can turn your smartphone or tablet into a powerful and portable scanner, making document scanning a breeze.

Adobe ScanTurn your device into a portable document scanner.FreeDownload here
Microsoft Office LensCapture, crop, and enhance images of whiteboards and documents.FreeDownload here
ScanbotScan QRs, barcodes, documents, business cards, whiteboards, etc.FreeDownload here
CamScannerHigh-quality document scanning app with various features.FreeDownload here
Genius ScanA scanning app that digitizes documents efficiently.FreeDownload here
Google PhotoScanDigitize and save your printed photos with your smartphone.FreeDownload here
Evernote ScannableScan contracts, receipts, ID cards and more.FreeDownload here
TinyScannerA scanning app that turns your device into a scanner.FreeDownload here
Fast ScannerScan documents, notes, business cards, and send them as PDFs.FreeDownload here
TurboScanOffers fast, high-quality scanning with many features.ChargeableDownload here

Technical Notes

In today’s digital world, physical document scanners are becoming less and less common. In their place, smartphone document scanning apps are taking over. Here is our selection of the best document scanning apps available today for Android, iOS, and Windows.

Adobe Scan

Summary: Adobe Scan turns your device into a portable document scanner, allowing you to quickly scan text and images wherever you are.

Technical Notes: Adobe Scan uses your device’s camera to capture images of your documents and convert them into PDFs. The app is also capable of recognizing and converting handwritten or printed text to digital text using OCR technology.

Microsoft Office Lens

Summary: Microsoft Office Lens allows you to capture, crop and enhance images of whiteboards and documents.

Technical Notes: This app is especially useful for students and professionals who need to capture notes from whiteboards or projectors. Captured images can be saved as PDF, Word or PowerPoint files, and can be easily shared.


Summary: Scanbot is a versatile application that not only scans documents, but also QR codes, barcodes, business cards, whiteboards, etc.

Technical Notes: Scanbot offers the ability to enhance your scans with color and detail. You can save your documents in formats such as PDF or JPEG and synchronize them with cloud services such as Dropbox, Google Drive or Evernote.


Summary: CamScanner is a high-quality document scanning app that offers various features to make the scanning process easier and more convenient.

Technical Notes: This app offers features such as text recognition via OCR, sharing scanned documents via email or social media, and the ability to print documents with a wireless printer.

Genius Scan

Summary: Genius Scan is a scanning app that digitizes documents efficiently, making it easier to manage your files.

Technical Notes: Genius Scan has features such as automatic edge detection, perspective correction, and image enhancement. You can also organize and share your documents as you wish.

Google PhotoScan

Summary: Google PhotoScan is an app that helps you digitize and save your printed photos with your smartphone.

Technical Notes: The app eliminates photo reflections using a multi-point scanning system and allows you to save images directly to Google Photos.

Evernote Scannable

Summary: Evernote Scannable is an app that allows you to quickly scan contracts, receipts, ID cards and more.

Technical Notes: The app easily syncs with Evernote for better organization of your documents and turns them into high-quality files.


Summary: TinyScanner is a scanning app that turns your device into a portable scanner.

Technical Notes: The app offers various features such as color, black and white, and gray tone scanning. You can also set the page size for PDF.

Fast Scanner

Summary: Fast Scanner is an app that allows you to scan documents, notes, business cards, and send them as PDFs or JPEGs.

Technical Notes: The app allows scanning of multiple documents in batch mode and image processing to improve the quality of scans.


Summary: TurboScan offers fast, high-quality scanning with many features that will help you manage your documents more effectively.

Technical Notes: This app offers features such as automatic edge detection, multi-page scanning, and the ability to email documents or save them to the cloud.

We hope this list will help you find the perfect document scanning app for your needs. Remember, it is always important to read reviews and check the features of each app before downloading it.

In today’s digital age, document management should not be a daunting task. With the right document scanning apps, you can easily turn your paper documents into high-quality digital files. Whether you need to scan contracts, receipts, business cards or just want to keep your printed photos, there is an app for you. Remember, the key is to find the app that best fits your specific needs. Hopefully, this list will help you find your perfect document scanning app.

Happy scanning!

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